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Major Essay Topic #1 After reading Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, conduct a critically researched historical analysis of this text, rooting your discussion in the overall “historical setting” of this piece.
The focus of your research should be primary sources of the time (news articles, letters, legal documents, etc.), and your paper should strive to answer this question: How were Faulkner’s characters and their multitude of conflicts and/or relationships a reflection of the time period and American backdrop against which this text was written?
You must utilize at LEAST five primary sources in your essay. An annotated bibliography is required for this work. 

Database Searching

Search for primary source documents in the following databases.

Use the password: bensalem


Gale Virtual Reference Library

Literature Resource Center

Gale Student Resources In Context

Gale US History In Context

Gale World History In Context



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