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To Kill a Mockingbird: Historical Context Project: Home

10th grade English classes: Elliott, Holdsworth & Meyer


To Kill a Mockingbird
Historical Context Project

Goal: In groups of 4, students will research an assigned topic and teach the class about
the topic in a short 5 minute lesson. After each group has presented, the class will take
a quiz on the historical context of the novel.

All students: As a group, students will work together to research the assigned topic and
choose the information they wish to teach the class about the topic. All sources must be
#1: Groups will be responsible for creating a PowerPoint presenting the information on
the topic. This PowerPoint needs to include 1 Title Slide, 3 Body Slides, and 1 Source
#2: Groups will be responsible for teaching the subject to the class. Must present all
information orally to the class.
#3: Groups must be ready to answer any and all clarifying questions on the spot.
#4: The group will submit 3 to 5 potential quiz questions on the topic. These questions
must be a mixture of the multiple choice and short answer formats. These questions
may be considered as potential questions for the cumulative assessment at the end.

Topics (your topic will be assigned):
The Montgomery Bus Boycott
Women in the 1930s
Plessy v. Ferguson
Brown v. Board of Education/Little Rock Nine
Alabama in the Great Depression
The Murder of Emmett Till
Education in the 1930s
Harlem Renaissance



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