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Literacy Fair Project: Requirements and Due Dates

Due Dates

Timeline and Due Dates:

Week of December 5 - Explain assignment and requirements


December 9 - Book Selections Due -Turn in Title of Book and Author

  • Begin reading book!

Week of December 12 - Title, Author, and Citation due (update board)


January 13 - Tri-fold board-plan/option selections chosen


January 27 - Symbol and quote due (update board)


February 10 - Should be halfway through book! (book check)


February 24 - Character/Event Analysis due (update board)

  • Finish reading book! Summary due soon! MUST have read entire book before completing summary.

March 10 - Summary due! (update board)


March 17 - Optional elements due (update board)

  • Add final touches

March 24 - Final Project Due


March 30 - Literacy Fair


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Tiffany Emerick
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Bensalem, PA 19020
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Required supplies for all projects:

  • Tri-fold board

  • Book: fiction or non-fiction

  • Art supplies as needed

Required elements on tri-fold board:

  • Title

  • Author

  • Citation

  • Summary

  • Character analysis

    • Build a character (fill in traits in shape), tagxedo, image cloud, character playlist, interview with a character

  • Quote and relevance to the text / theme

  • Symbol (image, drawing)

Optional elements (must pick at least one):

  • Playlist

  • More illustrations

  • Plot diagram

  • Recommended reading list

  • Timeline

  • Non-fiction text structure identification and complete graphic organizer
  • Author's purpose

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