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DiLauro - Movements in Poetry: Resources


Don't    forget    to    cite    your    sources    in    MLA    format!

Project Guidelines (Word Doc)

Project Guidelines

Movements in Poetry Project

1. First, you will choose a topic from the list below (no repeats!)

  • Renaissance (two students)
  • Romantic (two students)
  • Victorian (two students)
  • Augustan (two students)
  • Confessional
  • New York School
  • Imagist
  • Modern
  • Post-Modern
  • Confessional
  • Beat
  • Harlem Renaissance

2. You will the create a slide presentation on the following:

  • Historical Context of the Movement
  • Major Themes (at least five)
  • List of Movement Poets (at least five)
  • One poem from each poet WITH an analysis of that poem

3. On the day of presentations, you must provide the class with an informational one page handout. You MAY NOT read aloud from the powerpoint. Powerpoints should only support your presentation, not BE the presentation.

4. If you work in a team, I want to know who did what, and it must be written down so I can grade you fairly and accurately.

5. You must use at least three reliable sources for your projects and provide a works CITED slide or list to me.


DUE: February 25th 2016 (Share via google drive, please!)


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