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Pro Tip

The BEST place to start your search (when doing schoolwork) is the library website. Click the "Databases" tab above to search.

What is Research?

Research is: 

  • Driven by a question or problem that then guides the process.
  • Seeking information with a clear goal in mind.
  • A process, which works best when done step- by-step. The steps may need to be repeated, as the process is reiterative.
  • Collection and interpretation of data in an attempt to resolve the problem or answer the question.
  • Going beyond facts and old ideas.
  • Taking a new look at the information and taking a stand.

Research is not:

  • Copying and pasting information you find through a Google search.
  • Combining a paragraph from one article with a couple of paragraphs from websites. That's plagiarism.
  • Writing a "report."
    Rearranging facts.
  • Rewording each phrase and citing each source. That's just a summary of facts with someone else's name on them and still can be classified as plagiarism.