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Spanish 2 - Athlete Biography: Home

For Mrs. Barrett and Ms. Bradney's classes


Proyecto: Biografía Atlética

Objetivo: Students will use all vocabulary and verbs learned in the past preterite tense in Spanish to explain, sequence, and analyze the major events, issues and activities of their chosen famous Hispanic or Hispanic Heritage athlete using an illustrated and annotated timeline in Spanish

Procedure: Students will research the following topics for their chosen famous Hispanic athlete


Research (Day 1 – Library Chromebooks)

  1. Place of birth – Where was this person born? Did they move? – Where to?  At what age? What country of heritage is this person from (if born in the US)?
  1. What age did he/she begin to play sports?
  1. Schools attended (high school, college)
  1. Teams:  first team, high school and college team, minor/major league (up to 3 most important)
  1. Prizes/Awards – did this person set any records? And/or receive any awards, why?
  1. Family Life – if married, when did he/she get married? Who did he/she marry? Did he/she have kids? Is he/she still married?
  1. Major Personal events:  This can include injuries, being fired, family loss, divorce, moving
  1. End of career or up to date status (When did they retire? How old where they? Are they still playing?)
  1. Interesting Fact: You may include any interesting fact about your athlete such as any civil/social service activities (e.g: starting a charity, overcoming a major challenge, etc.)


Escribir en Español (Day 2 – Classroom)

After you have completed your library research, we will work in the classroom translating the sentences for your timeline into Spanish.  These sentences will then be typed the next time we visit the library.

Useful items to bring:  - your verbs flip chart and vocabulary

*Any evidence of using an online translator will result in a failing grade for this project.


Typed sentences and pictures (Day 3 – Library Chromebooks)

Part 1: The sentences written in Spanish in class are REQUIRED to be typed.  (You must include a minimum of 10 sentences – one for each category. However, more are appreciated)

Font: 14 (recommended - not too small or not to big)

Font Style: Times / Calibri (recommended - MUST be legible)

Part 2: Pictures

There should be at least 1 picture for each statement/event.  Your project must include at least 10 (ten) pictures that are representative of the event annotated and must also include 1 picture of your chose athlete.


Putting poster together (Day 4 – Classroom)

You will have one class period to put your poster together.  You must have your pictures, sentences and any other items you’d like to include on your project.  There will be NO additional class time given in class.


Grading Criteria (Rubric to follow)


Grammar (use of vocabulary, sentence structure)







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